I have a Packard Bell EasyNote Skype Edition which I purchased new with XP pre-installed.
I am giving this laptop away to my girlfriends son who has Cancer we don't know how long he has, but would like to make his last few days / months memorable so that he can in touch / Skype with his old buddies.
He can't work because of his condition.
The reason for this thread is that I am searching and searching for a driver for the "webcam".
I have done numerous searches and you get all these sites saying "oh we have the free drivers for you" you wade through all the menus etc. only to find that they ultimately want money from you thereby negating the word "free" that they originally used".
Something that I found out is that Packard Bell does not exist anymore it is now run by Acer.
If you go on the Packard Bell website and do a search it draws a blank.
I have now installed Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010 Professional.
Any help would be much appreciated.