I'm looking for a driver for Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel for AMD 64 bit windows-7 to work with FSX deluxe. So far, all downloads I found (INCLUDING THIS SITE) say they are 64bit but when downloaded are 32-bit. My AMD 64 says it doesn't recognize the USB hardware and listed it in the management file as "unknown Device" I have tried all download sites including Saitek and Logitech who for months say they are up****** their web site and there is no way to contact them like I did when I first bought the system. Are they out of business? The panel ( and Multi-switch panel, plus 2-FIP) worked fine on this 64bit for awhile, then I made a monitor change (from 3 monitors and one TV/HDMI to the same 3 monitors and a 4th monitor HDMI instead of the TV) all panels work fine except the switch panel. Can someone send me the correct driver and or help me solve this problem?