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HP Pavilion a730n Boot Device

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    Unhappy HP Pavilion a730n Boot Device

    Hi, not a computer person. BUT, I need one of our old computers (HP Pavilion a730n - ran on XP) to work JUST for editing pictures from an old Konica Minolta camera and an old memory card that will not work with ANY newer computer.
    However, the computer will not work. When I CAN get it to come on, it won't do anything except say "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key". I found the driver download (I think) I need to get the computer to run, but I need to save the file to a CD using one of our NEW tablets or laptops that connect via WiFi.
    So my question is: I want to burn that Driver file to a CD, using one of our new computers, then put newly burned CD in the defective HP and see if that makes it function.

    I have no cable to connect the computer with cable and it's so old, it won't connect wirelessly to our home network. But then I really don't need it to.
    The camera company is out of business and left virtually no support. No drivers exist to just install an updated CAMERA driver on one of our other computers.
    Thanks for your time!!

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    It's not a driver problem.
    You need to reinstall OS.
    "select proper boot device" means that BIOS can't find MBR(Master Boot Record) on primary disk.
    Or, try to enter BIOS setup and check if any HDD installed and select disk that has installed OS as primary boot device.
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